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The 100 Kilometre Walk

I recently found myself in the position of being overweight, unfit and struggling to find the time or the motivation to take the necessary steps to do something about it. I knew I needed the discipline to start exercising most days of the week – a mix of cardio and weights. I knew I needed to start paying closer attention to what I ate – keep a food diary and work out my calories and fat intake and adjust my diet accordingly.
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What Will Happen When I Lose Weight?

So you are embarking on a weight loss journey? Good on you. If you are currently overweight or obese this is probably the best possible thing you can do for yourself. We all understand the health benefits of losing weight, and we all understand the idea that we will look better and have a greater choice of clothing when we lose weight, but is there anything else that we should be aware of when we take the step to lose weight? Yes there is and some of them can be quite unexpected.
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Get Active in the Great Outdoors

It’s springtime, temperatures are getting warmer, the sun is out longer and spirits and energy are up!  The gym is a great place to get a work out, but most of us spend enough time inside.  It’s time to get outside after work and on the weekend to enjoy the fresh air.  And while you’re enjoying the fresh air, why not take it up a notch; get a sweat going, the heart pumping and the blood flowing!  Here are some great tips for things to do in your area.
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