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How Many Calories Do You Burn Running a Mile

Your Weight Calories Burned
Calories Burned Running a Mile
120lb 87 – 92
160lb 116 – 122
200lb 145 – 153
250lb 181 – 191
300lb 218 – 230

Running can be one of the most exerting forms of aerobic exercise. You see the question how many calories do you burn running a mile asked a bit when looking at running as an exercise related to calorie counting. I thought I would use this calorie burn calculator to put together a table of the calories burned running a mile.

An estimate of the calories burned running can be formed, based on the weight of the runner and how fast they are running. The calculator used indicates different speeds, and you input the duration of your run, so you can calculate the calories burned running a mile by calculating how long it will take to run the mile at the different speeds. In the table I have indicated the sort of range of calories that may be burned (depending on your speed) for people of different weights.

This produces the following table:

Your Weight Calories Burned
120lb 87 – 92 Calories
160lb 116 – 122 Calories
200lb 145 – 153 Calories
250lb 181 – 191 Calories
300lb 218 – 230 Calories

These sorts of calculations of calories burned are estimates and are computed by looking the the MET (Metabolic Equivalent) value of a given activity. Different activities have different MET values and you can calculator the calories burned in an activity by multiplying the MET value by the weight of the person in Kg by the duration of the exercise in hours.

Running has a range of MET values from 8 (for 5 mph) to 16 (for 10 mph). These are relatively high MET values when you compare this to different types of activities.

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