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Calories Burned Walking

One of the most common activities to start when looking at losing weight is walking. I thought it would be good to put together a chart of the sort of calories you burn walking. The calories you burn will be based mainly on your weight, the speed you are walking and how long you walk for. Using this calories burned calculator, you can map out the calories burned in a wide range of activities. Putting in a few different values gives the calories burned walking as follows:

Calories Burned Walking for 1 Hour (level, moderate pace, firm surface)

Your Weight Walking 3mph Walking 4mph Walking 5mph
120lb 180 Calories 272 Calories 435 Calories
160lb 239 Calories 363 Calories 581 Calories
200lb 299 Calories 454 Calories 726 Calories
250lb 374 Calories 567 Calories 907 Calories
300lb 449 Calories 680 Calories 1089 Calories

The calculator uses each activities Metabolic Equivalent to calculate the calories burned given your weight and the activities duration. You can get an estimate of the calories burned in an activity by multiplying your weight in Kgs, by the duration of the activity in hours and the activities MET value.

These values would only be approximates as they are generalizing between people, but can be useful to get a basic idea of the calories you are burning. Additionally, the calculator lets you total the calories burned in a number of activities. So you could for example, total the calories burned in all your activities in a 24 hour period to get an estimate of the calories you have burned in a day. The calculator includes activities such as sleeping and sitting to allow you to get an estimate for all your activities.

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