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Get Active in the Great Outdoors

It’s springtime, temperatures are getting warmer, the sun is out longer and spirits and energy are up!  The gym is a great place to get a work out, but most of us spend enough time inside.  It’s time to get outside after work and on the weekend to enjoy the fresh air.  And while you’re enjoying the fresh air, why not take it up a notch; get a sweat going, the heart pumping and the blood flowing!  Here are some great tips for things to do in your area.

Discover some new trails

Even if you don’t live in an outdoor paradise, most towns have trail systems in the woods.  Call the local parks department or hop and the Internet and do a search for trails in your area and see what you can come up with.  It’s a great way to get out and explore the surrounding areas near where you live.  Find something with some elevation gain and head up for a hike to the top!  Or, find a great river trail that meanders through the woods and head out for a run.  The scenery is constantly changing and you’ll find that breaking your normal routine will keep you running longer!

Local Park Workout

Your local park as a great spot to get an amazing working, especially if you use your imagination.  Run or bike from your house to the local park, and head over to the playground area.  Head for the monkey bars and work in a set of pull-ups.  Now, run a lap around the soccer field and get down for a set of push-ups.  Follow that up with some lunges across the field and hit the ground again for a round of crunches.  Keep doing similar exercises, mixing cardio with strength building before running or biking home.  You’ll feel great!


Well I love to swim in the summer time.  If you have a great lake or river in your area that’s a perfect place to go swimming you should be taking advantage of it.  Before you wade around and relax on a noodle, head out for a nice swim.  If freestyle stroke tires you out like it does me, mix in some strokes that are easier for you and switch back and forth to keep you going.


I love to bike and if you head out to your local bike trail you’ll quickly realize that you’re not the only one who is catching on.  It is a great workout and leg strengthener, but puts almost no impact on your knees.  The really great thing about biking is that instead of heading out for a 3-mile run, you can go for a 15-mile bike ride.  It’s really fun and motivating to be able to cover more ground!  There are tons of different kinds of biking you can do.  You can get a serious road bike and head to the country roads for some mileage or grab a mountain bike and get out on various levels of single track.  Most people choose something in between, a bike that can handle a smooth gravel trail and puts in a comfortable, upright posture.  Find what you like the best and get after it!

Everything Else

This list is just a few things that I enjoy doing in the outdoors for a workout.  I also enjoy just about every other sport and activity imaginable so find what you love and get out and do it.  If you need some encouragement, here’s a list of other things I love: Volleyball, Badminton, Frisbee, Basketball, Softball, Yoga and Tennis!

About the Author: Cooper is passionate about health, fitness & blogging. When he’s not working out he writes about about SmartLipo, cooking and a myriad of other topics. He’s also active with Sono Bello on Twitter and Sono Bello on Facebook.

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